Chile to probe ‘intentional’ fire at tire storage in Maipú

SANTIAGO – A large fire started in a stockpile of disused tires of the “Famaprica” Company, located in the sector of Rinconada, in the municipality of Maipú.

It was estimated that at least 3,000 tires are in combustion since the fire broke out Thursday morning, leaving a large column of smoke that can be seen from various parts of the western sector of Santiago.

According to the information provided by the Regional Office of ONEMI Metropolitana, the fire is still active and that firefighters are still working to control it by continuing the security perimeter of 500 meters around to the place of the event.

In addition, the Environment SEREMI is coordinating the installation of a portable station to monitor the air condition in the sector.

So far, 32 evacuated people and three volunteers with minor injuries are reported. Vehicular traffic along the Camino a Rinconada remains interrupted, according to local media.

The mayor of Maipu, Cathy Barriga, believes the fire is intentional over the early reports. She said they received information about a protest and four tires being burned.

The official is currently in the area working with emergency teams. She has helped with the evacuations of the residents, who have been told to remain out of the area until the large clouds of smoke and fire are gone.

Although the mayor couldn’t confirm if the fire is intentional but said authorities will take legal action against those who are responsible if they find out that it is intentional.

The Environmental Crimes Brigade of the PDI will investigate the causes of the fire.


Authorities in the commune have revealed that the company in charge of the tire storage does not have all the permissions to store that amount of tires.

This is a developing story and will be updated soon.

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