Three Brazilian parties announce presidential candidates for 2018 elections

RIO DE JANEIRO – Three political parties in Brazil have announced their presidential nominees for the October general elections on the first day of the election calendar.

Though several parties have already chosen their presidential candidates, they could only officially confirm the candidacies at party conventions after the beginning of the convention season.

On Friday, the Democratic Labor Party (PDT) confirmed in Brasilia the nomination of former state governor Ciro Gomes. In the latest election polls, Gomes is among the top four candidates for the election.

It will be the third time Gomes runs for president. His election endeavors for presidency in 1998 and 2002 both ended with him being the third most voted candidate.

Meanwhile, the Unified Workers’ Socialist Party (PSTU) announced in Sao Paulo the nomination of Vera Lucia Salgado. Her running mate will be Hertz Dias.

The PSTU was represented by the same candidate in the past four elections — Jose Maria de Almeida, who currently serves as the party’s president.

The Brazilian Communist Party (PCB) decided not to have a candidate this year and announced their support to Guilerme Boulos, who is set to represent the Socialism and Freedom Party (PSOL) in the presidential election.

Boulos is the leader of the Homeless Workers Movement. His running mate will be Sonia Guajajara, a prominent indigenous leader. It will be the first time a candidate of indigenous ethnicity participates in Brazil’s presidential election.

The names of the candidates for president and vice-president must be registered in Brazil Superior Electoral Court by Aug. 15.