Banco de Chile accuses computer specialist of stealing US$700,000

SANTIAGO – Banco de Chile has initiated a legal action against a worker who allegedly stole US$700,000 from the financial services company.

The bank has filed a complaint with the Seventh Court of Guarantee of Santiago for the crime of fraud against Elias Lillo Sandoval, who is accused of accessing keys to remove from his computer about US$700,000.

According to a report published by Radio Bio Bío, the “operations specialist” committed the theft between May 2017 and the same month of 2018 through 35 transfers for the total consigned from the account called MB-US Dollars of the Bank of Chile to that of his father of the same name.

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Although the investigations so far account for the figure indicated, the medium points out that bank auditors discovered that since 2008 had made another 243 transfers under the same modus operandi used by Lillo Sandoval. The movements are being verified by the Bank of Chile to determine its origin and final destination. The case remained in the hands of the North Central Prosecutor’s Office.