President Piñera presents transformation bill to digitalize Chile

SANTIAGO – Chilean President Sebastián Piñera has presented a digital transformation bill aimed at kick-starting the state’s modernization, by switching from paper to digital documentation.

Yesterday the president digitally signed the new bill, making it the first time a law in Chile has been authorized this way.

He outlined the goal of state modernization, saying it would “help citizens achieve their dreams, resolve their problems and develop their talents to take advantage of opportunities.”

The bill seeks to promote the mandatory electronic support for administrative procedures and give legal validity to original documents on digitalized paper, according to Pinera.

“I am convinced that we are taking steps towards being a society that can legitimately aspire to leave behind 200 years of underdevelopment, 200 years of poverty and 200 years of bureaucracy,” said the president.

Pinera also announced the creation of the Permanent Advisory Council for the Modernization of the State, to be composed of 12 representatives from diverse areas of the public and private sector.

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Headed by former Comptroller General of the Republic, Ramiro Mendoza, the body will advise the president on state reforms intended to further the process of modernization.

According to official data, Chile spends 108 million U.S. dollars a year on printed documents while between 30 and 50 percent of civil servants’ time is spent managing them.