Chile establishes Latin America’s largest Marine Protected Area in Rapa Nui

World Oceans Day

SANTIAGO – On this year’s Oceans Day, the Chilean government created the Marine and Coastal Protected Area of ​​multiple uses of Rapa Nui, which together with the Motu Motiro Hiva marine park makes 72 million hectares – the largest marine protected area in Latin America.

The Minister of the Environment, Marcela Cubillos, said that “for the government of President Piñera, the protection of the oceans is a State policy”.

The area has an area of 57.9 million hectares , and after decreeing it as a protected area, it allows to take care of the marine ecosystem of Easter Island and Salas y Gómez Islands , which is very different in relation to continental Chile due to the characteristics tropical waters.

These waters are home to mammals such as blue and minke whales, as well as bottlenose dolphins, which will now be protected.

Finally, the new marine area will allow the coexistence of various activities , such as artisanal fishing, tourism, education, research, etc.

Chile creates five new marine protected areas (VIDEO)

This area will be administered by a Board of Directors with five representatives of the State and six of the Rapa Nui people. State representatives will be from the Ministry of the Environment, Defense, Interior and Economy, as well as an elected commissioner of the Island of Easter Development Commission (CODEIPA).