Chilean cryptocurrency exchange extends operations to Argentina

BUENOS AIRES – has started its operations in Argentina, initially supporting four cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin (BTC), Ethreum (ETH),  BitCoin Cash (BCH) and LITECOIN (LTC).

The Chilean crypto exchange says Argentina has the potential to become its most important market in the course of a year.

The Chilean cryptocurrency exchange launched in Argentina on May 28 “to promote the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies,” the La Tercera reported.

Currently operating in Peru, Colombia, Chile and now Argentina, has more than 80,000 clients, according to the news outlet.

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Meanwhile, back in its homeland, is fighting to get its bank accounts reopened. The exchange filed a lawsuit against 10 banks in April after they closed the current accounts of crypto exchanges.

Last month, Chile’s appeals court had agreed to hear a case brought by cryptocurrency exchanges CryptoMKT, BUDA, and Orionx, which had their accounts closed by Banco Itaú Chile, Scotiabank Chile, and BancoEstado (Chile’s only public bank), respectively.

On Thursday, Chile’s Tribunal for the Defense of Free Competition (TDLC) ordered all three banks to reopen the accounts of the crypto companies.

BancoEstado has reopened an account held by crypto exchange CryptoMKT. It is expected that the bank will reopen BUDA’s accounts this week.