Chile: Clashes erupt as students protest against police violence in Santiago

‘Toma Feminista’

SANTIAGO – Clashes broke out between demonstrators and riot police in Santiago on Monday night during a protest against police violence, organized by students from the National Institute of Chile and their parents.

The protest took place after police conducted a violent evacuation of a university building last week, which was occupied by representatives of a student movement against sexual harassment and violence on campus.

The President of the Human Rights Commission of the Chilean Chamber of Deputies, Carmen Hertz, promised to investigate into the police actions after a video was released showing a police officer throwing chairs at young people.

According to the leaders of the student groups, although some legislative changes announced by President Sebastián Piñera “are necessary and symbolic, they are not enough, nor respond to the main demand of the feminist student movement: non-sexist education.”

At least eighteen faculties, schools and other university establishments remain occupied by feminist students, who demand an end to sexist violence and sexual harassment and build a non-sexist education in the country.

‘Toma Feminista’: Chilean students take over universities in fight against sexism (VIDEOS)

Last Friday, the agitation increased in volume when a hundred students occupied the Central House of the Catholic University, although on Monday they deposed the measure and left the building, within the framework of an agreement that was negotiated with the rector, Ignacio Sánchez, and approved by the majority of the students.

Daniela Pinto, a student leader, has announced mobilizations on June 1 and 6. “We will not stop until we have concrete victories for the UC and for Chile,” he added.

Pinera administration faces first student march in Chile

A march will be taken out by in Valparaíso this Friday, June 1. This demonstration will have the support of trade union organizations, opposition parties and various social movements.