Piñera names Chile’s ambassador to Argentina

The Chilean Head of State had appointed his brother Pablo Piñera last April as Chile's ambassador to Argentina, which sparked a wave of criticism.

SANTIAGO – After Chilean President Sebastián Piñera had to back down with the appointment of his brother Pablo to take on as ambassador in Argentina, he announced the name of who will take charge of the legation in Buenos Aires.

This is the lawyer Sergio Urrejola Monckeberg, who is the helmsman of the Arbitration and Mediation Center of the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago and a counselor of the Bar Association.

In addition, Urrejola was president of the Council of Defense of the State, director of National Television of Chile, president of the Ethics Committee of the Association of Mutual Funds of Chile, counselor of the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago, councilor in Zapallar and member of the commission of Coordination of the Criminal Procedure Reform and of the Coordination commission of the Family Law Reform.

It must be remembered that the Head of State had appointed his brother Pablo Piñera last April as Chile’s ambassador in Argentina, which generated criticism from the opposition referring to an alleged act of nepotism. Even, members of the parties of the former Nueva Mayoría went to the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic to request a ruling from the organization regarding the decision of the President. Later, the comptroller informed that he would have an answer within the next six months, which led Piñera to desist from the appointment of his brother.

“In the best interest of the country, the appointment of the ambassador of Chile in Argentina is urgent and is not compatible with the times estimated by the Comptroller,” was what Piñera said in a statement ten days after the appointment. In that letter he also said: “I reiterate my conviction that Pablo Piñera meets all the necessary conditions to be a good ambassador of Chile in Argentina and meets all the legal requirements to be appointed to that position.”

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Also, in the letter he responded to the criticism he received for that appointment. “Consequently, in my opinion, here there has been no act of nepotism, much less, neglect of public interest, because his appointment was not due to the fact of being my brother or any particular interest, but only to a legitimate public interest,” he said.