‘No democracy in Venezuela’, Chile’s Piñera tells Summit of the Americas

LIMA – President Sebastián Piñera sharply criticized the Venezuelan political situation after arriving Friday in Peru to participate in the eighth Summit of the Americas.

“Well, there is no doubt that in Venezuela there is no democracy, there is no rule of law, there is no respect for human rights, nor are clean and transparent elections organized,” the president said during a brief dialogue with national and international media.

Therefore, “no country or anyone who really commits to democratic values and principles can recognize an election that is not following the basic rules.”

“In addition, we believe that the fact of having ignored and removed all the powers of the National Assembly is another reflection of the lack of democratic will of the current government of President Maduro,” he added.

American leaders target corruption, Maduro as 8th Summit opens in Peru

In the same vein, he expressed the importance of a global collaboration “to help the Venezuelan people to recover their freedom, their democracy, respect for human rights and to get out of this economic, political and humanitarian crisis”.

For this reason, he asked the Venezuelan leader to “recognize the humanitarian crisis in his country and allow the countries that want to collaborate, to work together to mitigate and mitigate the suffering that the Venezuelan people are experiencing.”

“I believe that all the countries of Latin America and the world, we must make all the necessary efforts to help the Venezuelan people to recover their freedom, their democracy and respect for human rights,” Mr. Piñera shared.

The Chilean leader also met with his Peruvian counterpart, Martin Vizcarra, who recently took office after PPK resigned, and spoke on transparency and integration issues.

Piñera was also expected to meet with his Haitian counterpart to discuss migration policies.