Australian zoo puts down last flamingo ‘Chile’

ADELAIDE – Australia bid final farewell to its last flamingo in captivity, which resided at Adelaide Zoo, yesterday.

Aged in her late 60s, Chile the Chilean Flamingo had been struggling to cope with the effects of arthritis and other age-related complications in recent months.

Chile’s health took a turn for the worse last week, and despite medication she continued to deteriorate.

The decision was made to put her down on Friday afternoon, according to 9News.

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“Chile will be sorely missed by our zoo family, and no doubt the wider South Australian and Australian community, who travelled from near and far to visit our iconic friend,” said Dr Phil Ainsley from Adelaide Zoo.

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There is currently a moratorium on the importation of flamingos, who are found in most parts of South America, where it’s estimated 300,000 remain in the wild.