Easter Gift: Church of Colombia donates wafers to Venezuela

CARACAS – Venezuela’s shortage of food and medicines reached the Catholic religious field when a donation of wafers from the Church of Colombia became necessary for the Easter week.

Not even religion manages to escape the deep scarcity that Venezuela is going through. Faced with the lack of Eucharists to receive Holy Week, the Catholic Church of Colombia donated 250,000 hosts to its counterpart in the Bolivarian country.

“It is important to also address the needs that afflict the faith as a result of this time of border crisis, the diocese of Cúcuta, the largest Colombian city on the border with Venezuela, said in a statement.

The donation was led by Monsignor Víctor Manuel Ochoa, Bishop of the Diocese of Cúcuta, on the Simón Bolívar International Bridge, which unites both nations.

”Monseñor (…) has handed over to the dioceses of the Venezuelan border zone the subject matter for the celebration of Holy Mass,” the text added.

This is not the first time that the Colombian Catholic Church donates wafers to its Venezuelan counterpart, which has not been exempt from the shortage of food and medicines that the country is going through .

Venezuela, which shares a porous 2,000-kilometer border with Colombia, is experiencing a deep humanitarian and economic crisis, with pronounced hyperinflation.–MercoPress