LAW airline suspends entire operations, initiating reorganization

SANTIAGO – The Chilean airline, Latin American Wings (LAW) announced Friday that it decided to temporarily suspend its regular operations, to start a process of “reorganization” which will include the entry of new capital to the company.

The decision also includes the cancellation of scheduled flights, recognizing that the measure “will have effects on some of our passengers.”

Through a statement the general manager of the airline, Andrés Dulcinelli , said that “the price war, imposed by the large companies in the aeronautical industry, caused the company to start a reorganization process that considers the entry of new capital.”

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Also, LAW explained that this determination “will allow us to continue operating under a new business model”. To implement the decision, it is necessary to temporarily suspend regular operations and the sale of tickets.

“We recognize that this measure will have effects on some of our passengers and we deeply regret the inconveniences that will be generated,” they added.

Meanwhile, at the Jorge Chávez Airport in Lima there were passengers with canceled flights who held a demonstration.