Chile, Japan agree on close cooperation for early TPP11 deal; sign multiple accords

TOKYO – Chilean President Michelle Bachelet and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have underscored the importance of cooperating closely for early enforcement of the new Trans-Pacific Partnership deal excluding the United States.

In a meeting on Friday, Bachelet and Abe agreed to ask the existing 11 TPP member countries to move quickly forward with procedures to obtain parliamentary approval. A signing ceremony for the new free trade deal is scheduled to be held in Chile on March 8. Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Perú and Singapur are members of the new treaty.

Chile prepares for Trans-Pacific Treaty signature ceremony on March 8

Both the countries signed several agreements to strengthen bilateral ties that go back 120 years, after meetings between the heads of states, together with ministers of both countries. Both the leaders oversaw the signature ceremony of three documents, the first designated JCPP 2030, which outlines a strategy of triangular cooperation.

The Japan-Chile Partnership Program (JCPP 2030) promotes benefits for Latin America and the Caribbean inside the priorities in food security and sustainable agriculture, renewable energies, climate change of the United Nations 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development.

“Our relations go through a great moment, proof of which is that bilateral trade amply exceeded US$8.395 billion last year”, highlighted Bachelet at the ceremony.

11 countries including Chile move forward on TPP without U.S.

The other agreements reached in the Land of the Rising Sun, one of the seven largest world economies, with the South America nation point to the use of Driving Licenses, Abe’s initiative, and a Memorandum of Understanding in the área of Sports Cooperation.

Bachelet, who is making her 22nd official visit, last of her mandate expiring on March 11, when she will render the post to Sebastian Piñera, was told by the Japanese leader that North Korea is repeating ship-to-ship cargo transfers at sea to avoid sanctions under U.N. Security Council resolutions.

Abe indicated that Tokyo and Santiago are on the same line of pressuring Pyongyang on the basis of United Nations resolutions.

The Chilean president promised cooperation to increase pressure on North Korea toward the reclusive nation’s denuclearization, according to the Jiji Press.

Abe also asked Bachelet to promote quality infrastructure development by Japanese companies. In Latin American countries, China has recently expanded its presence in the infrastructure field.

They also reinforced the criteria of collaborating in the protection of marine areas as a contribution to the struggle against climate change.

On Saturday, the presidential plane of Chilean Air Force will travel to the city of Nagasaki, where Bachelet will place flower wreaths at the Memorial of Peace and the Museum of the Atomic Bomb.