Woman poses as groom to marry two women in India

NAINITAL – A woman in northern Indian state of Uttarakhand has been arrested for posing as a man duping two women into marriage for dowry.

Krishna Sen, who also goes by the name of ‘Sweety Sen’, was arrested on Wednesday for demanding dowry, which is illegal in India.

She used to pose as a man in terms of looks and enticed women on Facebook and later married them, the Nainital police told Hindustan Times.

She first married a woman telling her she was the ‘son’ of CFL bulb businessman from Aligarh. She also beat the other woman while demanding dowry, and took more than Rs8 million from the woman’s family to set up a factory.

Sen also lured another woman to be ‘his second wife’ and kept both spouses together in a room.

Sen told the police during interrogation that she has been a tomboy since childhood. The woman also cut her hair to look like a man and used to drive a motorcycle and smoke cigarettes.

After marriage, she did not let her ‘wives’ look at her body or touch her and used to have a “fake” physical relationship using sex toys,.

A medical examination proved she was a woman.

Police were also searching for Sen’s accomplices.