Chile’s LAW airline faces 15.5 million CLP lawsuit

SANTIAGO – The Chilean airline, LAW (Latin American Wings) is being sued by food provider Eric Kayser, who claims that he has not been paid 15.5 million pesos (nearly $25885) to provide their services.

The debt would have been outstanding since October of last year according to the plaintiff’s representative, Héctor Ravello.

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According to what Ravello told El Mercurio, which published the news in its print edition, the airline would continue to publicize the alliance with the provider at least on its Santiago-Mendoza route, even though it was already over.

“(The debt) has created serious difficulties for the company to cover its manufacturing expenses and even pay salaries, for having made between 100 to 300 snacks per day, from June to December 2017,” Ravello said.

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In addition to this, LAW adds 1,200 million pesos in claims for allegedly not paying other companies – national and international – that have provided fuel, maintenance and handling of flights, among other services.

Last month, the national low cost airline stopped carrying out the national routes that were operating in Antofagasta, Concepción and Puerto Montt.