‘Operation Hurricane’: Temuco prosecutor sues intelligence police

SANTIAGO – The prosecutor of the High Complexity Crimes Unit of Temuco, Luis Arroyo, on Thursday filed a complaint against those found responsible, but specifically focused on the Directorate of Police Intelligence of Carabineros (Dipolcar), within the framework of the filtering edge of the so-called “Operation Hurricane”.

According to LaTercera, the complainant maintains that the officials presented false evidence against Arroyo’s assistant lawyer, Mónica Palma, who was accused of giving information to Héctor Llaitul, leader of the Coordinadora Arauco Malleco (CAM).

Arroyo notes in the legal action that on December 26 of last year he was notified of an investigation against Mónica for the alleged crime of obstruction of the investigation. Arroyo, meanwhile, is being asked about the possible cover-up of Mónica Palma, whom Dipolcar describes as her sentimental partner. However, and according to the complaint filed by Arroyo, the information that Carabineros gave Abott to link him to the crime is false.

He adds that the investigation originated in the official letter No. 202 of December 11, 2017, in which the National Directorate of Intelligence, Drugs and Criminal Investigation of Carabineros, commanded by the Inspector General Gonzalo Blu, referred him to the national prosecutor Jorge Abbott, account that after invoking the Law of Intelligence, messages were obtained from the lawyer who would have given to a third party on September 16, 2017 information that she took into the hands of members of the CAM, violating the information secret of the High Complexity Prosecutor’s Office of the Araucanía.


Two weeks ago, “El Mercurio” published about this denunciation made by Carabineros to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which included a supposed official of the National Intelligence Agency (ANI), a situation that Arroyo asks to be investigated.

“The intellectual authors of the false and reckless accusations that were made in the aforementioned trade 202, apparently seek to create irreparable damage to my image, credibility and professional seriousness, given the position I hold, as well as the institution to which I belong, perhaps with the intention of putting myself aside from the investigations I lead and, at the same time, justifying the failure of their investigative operations,” Arroyo said in his complaint which was accepted by the city’s Court of Guarantee.

Arroyo assures that everything is about an assembly of tests by intelligence police after he did not accede to outlaws to obtain success in investigations of the area on rural violence as the police officers would have suggested.

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He then explains that he is not characterized by being a flat professional to perform “any investigative diligence or intrusive measure without questioning the ways and means through which the information on which they are founded is obtained” and that this standard “is still more patent in the field of the elites of rural violence in my charge, being even greater the day-to-day diligences that are imposed in the direction of criminal investigations (…) in the search of a quality research work, I have not been willing to accept errors and omissions in the investigative work and I demand unrestricted attachment to the norms and legal and constitutional guarantees in each diligence “.

Last year in September, the Special Police Forces (PDI) carried a series of violent raids and arrests against Mapuche movement leaders – dubbed “Operation Hurricane” by Chilean authorities – throughout the regions of Bio-Bio, Arauco and Los Rios in southern Chile. Among the arrested was the spokesman for the Arauco Malleco Coordinator for Communities in Conflict (CAM), Hector Llaitul, as well as his son Ernesto Llaitul, Jaime and Rodrigo Huenchullan, Martin Curiche, Claudio Leiva, Fidel Tranamil, and David Cid Aedo – ex-militant of the Leftist Revolutionary Movement (MIR).

Finally, he asks that he and his family be provided with protective measures. “I fear for the physical integrity and health of my children, my spouse, as well as my property, since according to what has been reported there is a well-founded fear of those behind these gross machinations to try to intimidate me in any way,” the complaint reads.