Codelco subcontractor dead in Chuquicamata mine accident

SANTIAGO – A subcontractor worker of Codelco died Wednesday after a car accident occurred inside the Underground Chiquicamata Mine Project.

Sebastián Castro Vargas, 29, died when he was taken to a health facility after colliding with the rain tank that was driving against one of the walls of the mining tunnel.

Another official was injured as a result of the accident and was transferred to a health center in Calama, where he is stable and out of life risk.

Chile had 12 mining deaths in 2017

The crash occurred around 1:00 pm when the workers, both from the company Experticia Ingenieros SA, were inside the mine, the 24Horas reported. Following the accident, the company suspended its operations.

Codelco, the world’s top copper producer, issued a statement expressing “its deep regret” after the situation and reports that an investigation was initiated to clarify the causes of the accident.