Pinera names his cabinet ministers

SANTIAGO – Chile’s conservative President-elect Sebastian Pinera on Tuesday formed a cabinet for his new government with several names from his first administration.

Senator Baldo Prokurica has been named as incoming mining minister, a key post in the world’s top copper exporter.

Pinera, who won the presidency last month, governed the country from 2010 to 2014.

Andrés Chadwick, Cecilia Pérez, Felipe Larraín, Alfredo Moreno and Roberto Ampuero already appeared in some ministry during the first period of Piñera. Chadwick, Larraín and Pérez will repeat even in the same positions: Interior, Treasury and General Secretariat of Government, respectively.

Piñera’s cabinet

Alejandra Pérez – Culture
José Ramón Valente- Economy
Antonio Walker – Agriculture
Emilio Santelices – Health
Andrés Chadwick – Interior
Felipe Larraín – Treasury
Cecilia Pérez – General Secretariat of Government
Gerardo Varela – Education
Gonzalo Blumel – General Secretariat of the Presidency
Alberto Espina – Defense
Alfredo Moreno – Social Development
Hernán Larraín- Justicia
Susana Jiménez- Energy
Marcela Cubillos – Environment
Nicolás Monckeberg – Work
Juan Andrés Fontaine – Public Works
Roberto Ampuero – External Relations
Cristián Monckeberg – Housing
Baldo Prokurica – Mining
Gloria Hutt – Transportation
Felipe Ward – National Assets
Pauline Kantor – Sports
Isabel Pla – Women and Gender Equality

Piñera will assume office on March 11, 2018.