Venezuelan soldier arrested for pregnant woman’s murder

CARACAS – A National Guard sergeant has been arrested over shooting and killing a pregnant woman, according to Venezuela’s state prosecutor.

General Prosecutor Tarek William Saab announced earlier this week that the Bolivarian National Guard’s First Sergeant, David Rebolledo, was being held on several charges following the killing Alexandra Colopoy, an 18-year-old woman who was five months pregnant.

Witnesses, including Colopoy’s husband, say the soldier appeared intoxicated when he arrived at a queue for pork in an area of Caracas, ordering the people to leave because the meat had run out.

“The National Guard went crazy and started firing,” said Colopoy’s spouse Bernabé. Rebolledo then shot dead Colopoy and injured his brother Alejandro.

Saab stated Sunday on his Twitter account that the soldier is being charged with homicide with futile motives, inappropriate use of a weapon and simulation of criminal activity.

“It is the responsibility of the Venezuelan government to guarantee respect and enforcement of Human Rights, as well as sanctioning those who violate them.” the prosecutor tweeted.