Chilean cop kills a man trying to steal his car

SANTIAGO – An officer of the Chile’s Investigative Police (PDI) shot dead one of the men who tried to steal his car in Santiago Metropolitan Region, according to media reports on Saturday.

The policeman, belonging to the Brigade of Robos Sur, was making purchases in a commercial store located in Second Street Transversal before arriving at Tres Norte in Maipú, when he was assaulted by five men.

The strangers lowered him by force of his vehicle and threatened him with weapons, the BioBioChile reported (in Spanish).

In order to defend himself, the cop took out his service weapon and shot one of the assailants, wounding him in the abdomen and right thigh. He died in the place.

Commissioner Alberto Pérez explained that the officer was making use of a free day and that the procedure surrounding this case was in the hands of Carabineros.