LIVE: Chile goes to polls to elect next President

It's Sebastian Piñera

SANTIAGO – Today, Chileans voted in a runoff presidential election to choose between former president Sebastian Piñera and one-time TV news anchor Alejandro Guillier.

Chile elects Sebastián Piñera as Bachelet’s successor

The two candidates were neck and neck in recent opinion polls, a somewhat surprising turn of events given the results of the first round of the election, on Nov. 19. Mr. Piñera obtained 36 percent of votes that day, compared with 22 percent for Mr. Guillier; 20 percent for Beatriz Sánchez, of the leftist coalition Frente Amplio that was founded early this year; and 8 percent for José Antonio Kast, a far-right champion of the Pinochet dictatorship.

Explosive devices add tension to Chile’s run-off presidential election

The top two contenders in the first round, where turnout was below 50 percent, were eligible for the runoff. They have spent the past few weeks trying to reach out to voters on extreme ends of the political spectrum, in addition to voters closer to the center.

Chile’s presidential election is the first in a series that will alter the political trajectory of Latin America. Voters in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Paraguay will elect presidents in 2018.

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Pinera wins Presidency




  • The polling stations closed at 18.00.

Voters leave a polling station, Liceo Carmela Donoso, the same where Beatriz Sanchez cast her vote. #EleccionesChile2017 #ChileElige

— SantiagoTimes (@SantiagoTimes) December 17, 2017