Venezuelan woman, 35, dies during liposuction in Las Condes clinic

Sorangel Álvarez Gómez.-Facebook

SANTIAGO – A 35-year-old woman died on Friday afternoon while undergoing surgery at the Paris Surgery and Aesthetics Clinic, located on Hernando de Magallanes Avenue, in the Las Condes district.

Sorangel Álvarez Gómez, a Venezuelan with residence in the country and married to a Chilean, went to the medical room to get a liposuction, according to Radio Bío Bío.

The inspector of the PDI, Melissa Gatica, said that she is still waiting for the cause of death of the woman, to be able to establish or discard some responsibility of the personnel that made the intervention.

The health center, the detective added, confirmed the death at 1:20 p.m. and called the respective emergency teams, together with the spouse, with whom the complaint was made about the incident.

For its part, the clinic issued a statement regrets the death, offers condolences and argues that it was due to an irreversible cardiorespiratory failure. “We agreed with the surgeon in charge of the operation, but this procedure corresponded to a lease of an external pavilion to Clínica,” the letter indicates.

The antecedents are already in the hands of the respective authorities and aspects such as whether the facility had the appropriate resuscitation equipment or the deceased woman had heart problems are investigated; family discarded the latter.