Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina seize 2.2 tons of drugs in joint border raids

LA PAZ – Authorities from Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina have dealt harsh blow to drug trafficking by seizing 2.2 tons of drugs in simultaneous operations carried out in border areas, from November 6th to 19th.

According to Ruben Quinteros, deputy director of the Special Force for the Fight against Drug Trafficking (Felcn), the Bolivian Police, the Argentinean gendarmerie and the carabineros of Chile participated in the 78 operations which also resulted in the arrest of 83 people.

The drug seized includes two tons of cocaine, the rest is cocaine paste, marijuana, synthetic substances and other drugs.

During the simultaneous raids, at least USD$10 million  were seized from the drug traffickers.

Sergio Malgarini, Argentinean representative for the operations in Bolivia, highlighted the result of the first raid carried out by the three countries to strengthen the fight against organized crime.

Oscar Oettinger, representative for the Chilean forces in Bolivia, reiterated that the joint work is the result of the decisions taken in the meetings of the joint commissions.