Chile Elections: Guillier meets Bachelet in La Moneda for the second round

SANTIAGO – Senator Alejandro Guillier arrived at the Audience Hall of La Moneda Palace early on Tuesday to hold a meeting with President Michelle Bachelet after the Sunday’s elections.

The meeting took place in the midst of the calls for unity made by the President and after the support given yesterday by the DC to the senator’s candidacy. “Today is the time of unity and the time in which we all participate so that our voice defines the Chile we want,” said the president.

“The vast majority of Chileans said they do not want setbacks or lose rights obtained, such as gratuity. The majority said that they want to consolidate the path of transformation, but also that they want to do it together, “she added, referring to the sum reached by all the leftist candidates on Sunday.

After the meeting with Bachelet, Guillier highlighted through his Twitter account that “the country spoke loud and clear, due to the demand for renewal and change. We need to deepen the power of the people.”

Guillier has reaffirmed that he will not remove ministers from the cabinet for his command. “I do not want to weaken the government and the President (Bachelet) has to govern until the last day,” said the standard-bearer of the center, who thanked the President for La Moneda’s invitation.

On Monday, the president held a meeting with the DC ministers led by the head of the Interior, Mario Fernandez, where she conveyed the importance of acting in a unitary manner. In the meeting, the Christian Democracy (DC) formalized its support to the senator without conditions for the second round.

From La Moneda, and supported by her ministers and members of the government, the President also spoke “to that majority of Chileans who want the country to advance, and consolidate the transformations that will make possible a better and more just life for all”, saying: “A country where money is not the only way to access opportunities and dignity where every child, regardless of where they are born, has the same opportunities.”

“For decades it has been progressivism that has allowed us to advance socially, in freedoms, in the respect and sustainability of our growth, we have always known how to coexist in our diversity,” she added.

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All in all, the meeting between Guillier and Bachelet provoked criticism from the opposition letter, Sebastián Piñera, and from Chile Vamos, a block that has repeatedly accused the government of electoral interventionism.