LIVE: Sebastián Piñera takes lead as results emerge in Chile Elections 2017

It’s election day in Chile. Millions of Chileans vote for a new president. Senators, deputies and regional councilmen will also be chosen today. The Santiago Times reports live from the streets of Santiago and the party offices of favorites Sebastián Piñera, Alejandro Guillier and Beatriz Sánchez.

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Piñera: “There is no better way of being a good president, than having been president before”

Piñera: “We know we will receive a country with a lot of problems, but also a beautiful country”

Piñera: “Candidates who lost have done a great job”

Piñera: “The results are very alike 2009, when we won”

Frente Amplio to get 22 seats at Congress and one Senator

Sebastián Depolo, campaign manager of Beatriz Sánchez: “What we have not reached in the second round is the responsibility of a media campaign that ensured that we were not competitive”. “The FA arrived to build a new horizon of development in Chile”.

“It’s time to be happy and hopeful”.

(20:30) Applauses and cheers with the results of the parliamentarian polls at the Beatriz Sanchez headquarters.

Beatriz Sánchez expected to be in the headquarters at 20:30.

(19:30) Claudia Sanhueza, program manager of Frente Amplio: “We are waiting to go to the second round”.

(18:00) Voting booths have started to close across the country, and the vote now starts in earnest.

Votes from Stockholm: 467 to Guillier, 173 to Sanchez, and 36 to Ominami.

Mario Desbordes (Committee Team Piñera): “The fact that students are not voting helps candidate Piñera.”

Claudia Sanhueza, member of the Frente Amplio team: “The Frente Amplio came to stay and transform”. “We are happy with the confidence Chileans gave us abroad (…) we expected great support, but we were surprised and we appreciate it .”

The President of the Directive Council of the Electoral Service, Patricio Santamaría, made a report for the citizens that have resorted to the ballot boxes for the elections of this Sunday. “It has been a quiet day, we see a lot of participation in the places we have traveled,” said Santamaría.

(17:00)  Mario Desbordes, Diputado District 8 for Piñeras Renovacíon Nacíonal: “I see two scenarios: Piñera wins in the first round or in the second. A third scenario where Guillier will be president I don’t see happening.”

(16:00) Voting in Barcelona has closed with 382 votes for Beatriz Sanchez, 205 for Guillier and 169 for Piñera.

Chile goes to polls


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