Argentina celebrates 57th birthday of soccer legend Maradona

BUENOS AIRES – Argentinians are celebrating the 57th birthday of Diego Armando Maradona and are repeating a message of congratulation for the birthday of one of their most glorious sport stars, mainly in the social networks.

‘In the day of my birthday, I am the one who wants to greet and thank all of you, because of the permanent affection and devotion. Kiss and hold you all,’ wrote Maradona from Dubai.

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Several sport media remembered Maradona’s feats in the soccer courts, and through some of his personal phrases. Some of them dedicated songs to him.

Born in the city of Lanús, in the province of Buenos Aires, the fifth son and the first male of Diego Maradona and Dalma Franco he began to mold his legs and cravings for the ball in a paddock of Fiorito, where without imagining it, he would become one of the greatest legends of world soccer.

As Uruguayan writer Eduargo Galeano said, no other soccer player like Maradona had ever denounced the owners of the business of soccer. He was the most famous and more popular sportsman of all the times, who broke spears in defense of the players who were neither famous nor popular’.