Greenpeace launches campaign to create ‘largest protected area on Earth’


SANTIAGO – The environmental organization, Greenpeace, has boosted a campaign to create the largest marine protected area in the world, 1.8 million square kilometers, in Antarctica.

In a press release issued yesterday, Greenpeace said that if this area is created it will be five times the size of Germany, and also that whales, penguins and other species will be protected.

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Much of that area includes the region of Magallanes and the Chilean Antarctic region, although the Antarctica’s sovereignty is shared by the 28 countries that signed the 1959 Treaty, as consultative members.

According to the press release, Greenpeace made an urgent call to the Governments for showing greater vision and ambition next year and create a Sanctuary that would be located in the Weddell Sea, next to the Antarctic Peninsula.

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Estefania Gonzalez, Greenpeace Chile Oceans Campaign Coordinator, said that in the next 12 months there is an opportunity to make history and create the Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary.

In October 2018 the initiative will be discussed by the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, which includes South American countries such as Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

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In January, Greenpeace will be working with independent scientists to gather data which will support proposals to protect large areas in the Weddell Sea and near the Antarctic Peninsula. Greenpeace marine biologist John Hocevar will pilot a two person submarine to explore these remote and pristine waters.