Bolivian nurse caught having sex with patient’s corpse

LA PAZ – A male nurse has been arrested after being caught having sex with a patient who had just died from lung problems by her astonished husband.

Grover Macuchapi, 27, received a beating from the grief-stricken partner before being handed over to police in the Bolivian capital La Paz.

The pervert is now facing prosecution on charges of profaning a corpse and obscene acts.

The shocking incident happened earlier this week (Monday) around an hour after the female patient died at Hospital de Clinicas in La Paz and was transferred to a hospital morgue, police chief Douglas Uzquiano said.

Relatives of the dead woman had gone to the hospital to cancel a debt they had for the medical treatment she received.

The husband went to the morgue and saw a male nurse having sex with his 28-year-old late wife.

Last May police in Argentina arrested a man who broke into a hospital morgue to have sex with a dead woman. The 22-year-old drifter told cops he acted out of an “insatiable desire to have sex in the hospital”.

The woman he targeted was a 41-year-old from a village 70 miles away whose sudden death was due to be investigated in an autopsy later that morning.

The bizarre incident happened at San Vicente de Paul Hospital in Oran, north west Argentina.