Buenos Aires hosts first summit on smart cities

Innovative cities, cities of the future

BUENOS AIRES – Cities from all over Latin America and across the globe will gather for three days in Argentina’s capital city for the first edition of Smart City Expo Buenos Aires, organized by Fira de Barcelona and the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

From September 28-30, under the concept “Innovative cities, cities of the future”, Buenos Aires will become the capital of smart metropolises and will address the challenges facing large cities and specifically focusing on the needs and particularities of Latin America.

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The Smart City Expo Buenos Aires will gather governments, industry experts, policy makers, international experts. The congress program in structured in five themes – Livable cities, Open Government, Equitable Cities, Digital Innovation & Economic Development and Sustainable Cities – and features 95 speakers amongst which are Aníbal Gaviria, Former Mayor of Medellín, Michelle Greenwald, Founder and President of Inventours, Andrea Veà, Founder and President of the Internet Society Spain, and Anousheh Ansari, CEO of Prodea Systems.

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The Exhibition Area will feature more than 30 innovative companies amongst which are Avaya, Ausa, Claro, Deloitte, Dinalight, Enel, Infineon, Link, Intel, Microsoft, Philips Lighting, Roggio, Volkswagen, Qualcomm, Smart City TNG, Siemens, Telefónica, Trans, Urbetrack and Wisehood. The over 7,000 attendees will be able to discover the latest projects and solutions from these and other companies to foster efficient urban development in South America as well as various initiatives from the cities showcasing at the event.