Canada to develop earthquake early warning system

OTTAWA – Authorities from British Columbia have asked the University of Victoria to develop a network of sensors to detect the first wave leading up to an earthquake, while triggering an early warning.

The system should be concluded before April 1st, 2019, said Radio Canada International. Through this system, the population would be aware of the earthquake threat from 10 to 30 seconds before it occurs.

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Members of Ocean Networks Canada said that it might probably sounds as a very short time, but this can be enough for the emergency services to get ready and eliminate dangers in the surroundings or seek shelters.

The southwest area of British Columbia is settled on an important fault, the Cascadia, said Benoit Pirenne, director of User Engagement of Ocean Networks Canada.

The Cascadia fault, located west of Vancouver Island and U.S. city Seattle, causes a large earthquake from 300 to 500 years, and the most recent occurred in January 1700, he added.

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Meanwhile, authorities urged the population to take part of the exercise ShakeOutBC on October 19th at 10:19 local time, to carry out a practice to prepare the population in case a strong earthquake occurs.