World Tourism Cities Federation Summit 2017 opens in Los Angeles

Isabel Cocker/The Santiago Times Staff

LOS ANGELES – The World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF), an organization voluntarily formed by famous tourism cities and tourism-related institutions, opened its 2017 summit on Tuesday.

The two-day event, discussing the Impact of Globalization on World Tourism City Development, brings together representatives from its 128 city members together with institutional members in Los Angeles.

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Chile has two cities which are allied to the federation – Valparaiso and Puerto Aysen. The mayor of the southern city, Oscar Servamdo Catalán, will be attending the conference, which also sees attendance from the vice-mayors of Lima and Montevideo and a range of representatives from other South American cities.

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The summit presents four forums for discussion, which are each highly relevant to the latest developments in the world tourism industry. Themes for debate include the solutions for challenges faced by the tourism industry, and how policy environment can promote tourism investment. These forums will include speeches from city representatives, as well as from leading experts and analysts in the tourism field.

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The WTCF was founded under the initiative of Beijing, and is guided by the core vision of Better City Life through Tourism. Its headquarters and Secretariat are based in Beijing, and Chinese and English are its official languages. Since its inception in 2012, it has grown from 58 founding members to almost 200 members which cover 62 countries. With its growing leadership and influence in the sector, it is credited as the fastest-growing international tourism organization.