Google celebrates Fiestas Patrias with a Chilean doodle

SANTIAGO – Every time there is a major event around the world, Google celebrates it by dedicating its home page. And Chile’s Fiestas Patrias is not an exception!

On Tuesday, the U.S. internet giant celebrated the day with millions of Chileans on the country’s Independence Day with an absolutely stunning doodle.

Chile kicks off Fiestas Patrias to celebrate Independence Anniversary

The special doodle has been designed and created by Paloma Valdivia, who is an illustrator and author of books for children and adults. Paloma worked on the idea of “portraying our greatest pride, our territory and natural resources, ranging from sea to mountain and desert to Antarctica.”

With that in mind, Paloma let his imagination fly by a route that covered the entire national territory and the characters that inhabit this long and narrow strip of land, all represented by cheerful characters that march following the fluttering of Chilean flag.

The copihue and the flag stand out in a series of patriotic icons. Araucarias, cockades and empanadas are the protagonists of the patriotic doodle that this year – for the first time in Chile – hosts the creation of a national artist.

Fiestas Patrias: World leaders congratulate President Bachelet on Chile’s Independence Anniversary

September 18 is celebrated as an anniversary of the First National Junta of Government, realized in 1810, and that is considered the first step towards the national emancipation.