Chile condemns North Korea’s nuclear test

SANTIAGO – The Chilean government has condemned in the strongest terms the recent nuclear test carried out by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), calling it a serious provocation and a threat to peace and international security of both the Korean peninsula and the international system.

In a statement, the government said “the nuclear test infringes the norms of International Law and recent resolution of the Security Council, such as 2321, 2270 and earlier, which make a plea to the DPRK not to reintroduce nuclear detonations and to cease all related activities that are contrary to the United Nations mandate, as well as the Non-Proliferation International System.”

North Korea claims sixth nuclear test using Hydrogen bomb

“The Government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) must refrain from causing further nuclear detonations, respect the rules of the international system and advance in the necessary arrangements to regain the status of a non-nuclear-weapon State under the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) by submitting its nuclear facilities to the safeguard inspections of the International Atomic Energy Organization,” the statement added.

Chile rejects U.S. request to cut ties with North Korea

On Sunday, Pyongyang said it had tested a hydrogen bomb – a device many times more powerful than an atomic bomb – that could be loaded onto a long-range missile.

The communist state said its sixth nuclear test was a “perfect success”, hours after seismologists had detected an earth tremor. The “artificial quake” was 9.8 times more powerful than the tremor from the North’s fifth test, the state weather agency said.

North Korea last carried out a nuclear test in September 2016. It has defied U.N. sanctions and international pressure to develop nuclear weapons and to test missiles which could potentially reach the mainland U.S.