Vatican releases logo, motto for Pope’s trip to Chile

SANTIAGO – The Vatican has released the official logo and motto for Pope Francis’ Apostolic Journey to Chile, which takes place on 15-18 January 2018.

The Pope will visit Chile ahead of his trip to Peru on 18-21 January.

Pope Francis to visit Chile and Peru in 2018: Vatican

“My peace I give you” is the motto for his visit to Chile, taken from the Gospel of John 14:27.
A communique from the National Commission for the Apostolic Journey says the motto is “recognizable by all, Catholics and non-Catholics”.

“The Pope with this visit exhorts all to a ‘culture of encounter’, favoring a climate of unity for the Chilean people,” it reads.

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The logo contains the three central elements of the Apostolic Journey: the Cross, the Pope’s signature, and the map of Chile.

White and red colors recall the Vatican flag, while “Chile 2018” is colored red and blue following the country’s flag.