VIDEO: Chilean paramedic caught kicking pregnant woman in stomach

VALPARAÍSO – A paramedic in Chile has been suspended and will face action after being caught kicking a pregnant nurse in the stomach.

In incriminating footage of the incident, the pair can be seen getting into a heated debate in a corridor of Valparaiso Hospital, in central Chile.

Footage shows the paramedic Sebastian Herrera Gomez, 30, arguing fiercely with the nurse – who was reportedly his girlfriend.

He pulls her hair then grabs her by her throat before finally kicking her in the stomach. The force of his boot slams her against a wall.

Eventually he was restrained by the hospital’s security guards, but not before three entire minutes pass of him attacking her physically and emotionally.

The nurse, whose name has not been released, was reportedly in the early months of her pregnancy.

It is not known if the baby’s life was endangered from the attack, reports

A prosecutor is on the cusp criminal proceedings against the paramedic, confirming to local media that paperwork was being organized. The paramedic has been suspended as he awaits the outcome of an inquiry.

The prosecutor said video images would play a major part in the criminal case.