Biggest ever dinosaur ‘Patagotitan mayorum’ found in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES – Scientists have discovered biggest ever discovered dinosaur as heavy as a Boeing 737 in Argentina.

The behemoth weighed more than 65 tons and perhaps as many as 77, a new study says.

Now , Scientists have officially named the species Patagotitan mayorum and have discovered that it belongs to a group of extra-large titanosaurs that lived around 100 million years ago.

Patagotitan mayorum was discovered by a shepherd on the La Flecha farm in the Chubut province in the Argentinian desert. He had noticed the tip of a huge fossil bone sticking out of a rock.After excavation this species of 7.8 feet in length, found.

The finding also suggests that they could be hanging around in groups, perhaps to look after young, says Roger Benson of the Britains University of Oxford.

The fossil found, was so big that it took two weeks to unearth it. It was a thigh bone, and the largest ever found-eight feet from end to end.