Interference in Venezuela must stop, asserts Chile’s Communist Party leader

SANTIAGO – Chilean Communist Party (PCCh) Leader Guillermo Teiller has asserted that all interfering actions carried out against Venezuela must stop and that the majority should respected.

In statements to the radio station Nuevo Mundo, published by the newspaper El Siglo, Teiller, who is also deputy, highlighted that Venezuelans should be allowed to resolve their problems.

“The Constituent Assembly could be a mechanism for Venezuela to overcome several problems and has better democratic conditions, and could be a solution to the current internal situation,” Teiller said.

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He specified that “the process that country was going through was within the constitutional framework and institutionality. Thus, nobody could criticize it or rule it out.”

This way, the Parliament took distance from the Government coalition Nueva Mayoria in Chile, the Foreign Ministry of which said in an official press release that what had happened Sunday in Venezuela had been a ‘legitimate decision’ that had increased the existing division in the country.

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The PCCh president explained that ‘the external pressure, especially from the United States, and the destabilizing actions by the political right seek to avoid this process, this opportunity, following the same method applied in Chile.’

He recalled that just after the Bolivarian process with Hugo Chavez began, the right sought overthrowing that Government.