Chile exported 8.1% more Radiata pine timber than 2016

SANTIAGO – Chilean exports of rough-sawn Radiata pine timber in the first quarter were 8.1% higher than in the same quarter of last year at 666,475m m³, according to information from the Chilean Infor.

The export value increased 13.0% to $141.7m. This raises the constructed value per exported cubic metre of Radiata pine timber by 4.5% to $213/m³.

Exports to China increased 18.2% to 159,568 m³. Deliveries to South Korea and Japan were up by 35.5% and 31.0% respectively against a year earlier at 118,555 m³ and 65,895 m³.

From a comparatively low baseline, exports to the United Arab Emirates almost quadrupled to 50,762 m³. At 30,641 m³, 12.5% more Radiata pine was shipped to Costa Rica than in the same quarter of last year.

Exports to Vietnam fell 1.7% of a year earlier at 70,440 m³. Exports to Mexico slumped by a third to 39,218 m³.

Deliveries to Saudi Arabia fell by half to 26,801 m³.