Peru marks 196th Independence Day

LIMA – Thousands of citizens took part in the Great Military Parade in the presence of Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Saturday on Brasil Ave. in Lima.

On July 28, 1821 Lima witnessed the proclamation of the independence of Peru by San Martin.

Held every July 29th, the traditional event gathered detachments representing the country’s military institutions and National Police. As usual, the ceremony was attended by State ministers, congress members, high-ranking military officers, religious authorities, diplomats and the President’s wife Nancy Lange.

Stands were erected to seat authorities and public in general, who did not hesitate to come early as seating was limited.

As every year, a limited number of seats are reserved for authorities and the press.

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski renewed his promise to spur a faster economic expansion in the Andean nation, forecasting at least 4 percent growth in 2018 following a year of setbacks that he apologized for not handling better.

Addressing lawmakers and the public in Lima, Kuczynski said he was sending Congress a proposal to speed up property transfers to make way for infrastructure projects after flooding and a graft scandal knocked growth prospects.

But Kuczynski did not announce any other economic measures in a speech that was more than an hour long and marked the start of his second year in the presidency.

Following a brief welcoming ceremony, attendees got together to sing the national anthem.

Next, members of the Army, Air force, Navy and National Police delighted spectators with their stiff march, gala uniforms and varied equipment.

Foreign military delegations took part in the military parade, as well. The participating countries included Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Italy and Mexico.

Held as part of Independence Day festivities, the parade pays tribute to Peruvian Armed Forces for their contribution to the country.

It is also an opportunity to inspire patriotism and love of country.