Urban art meets cultural heritage in Santiago de Chile

SANTIAGO – The 480m² big mural surrounding the museum Bellas Artes, located in the center of Santiago, has been finished in the course of an urban art project.

During renovation work of the museum’s façade, the two graffiti artists – Víctor de la Fuente, alias Grin, and Nelson Rivas, known as Cekis – built a colorful and vivid mural, covering up the construction work behind it.

The idea was to give urban art a platform and to build a cultural public space for the community, while renovating the Museo de Bellas Artes, which is considered a national cultural heritage.

The mural shows the life and activities going on in the surrounding Parque Forestal, reflecting as well the museum’s architecture and the artists’ personal styles.

The project was realized by the urban art gallery Galería Lira, produced by Murales Chile and supported by the city council.

The idea was born out of the interest of these institutions to promote professional urban art, graffiti and murals in Chile. At the same time the project ensured providing high quality surroundings to the community during construction work.

The inauguration of the project took place on May 16th of this year and now the mural has been completed on July 17th.

Visitors will still have the chance to admire this unique piece of art until August 2017, when the façade of Museo de Bellas Artes will be successfully renovated.

Learn more about the artists involved in this project here.