Venezuela Constituent Assembly will guarantee peace and justice: Maduro

CARACAS – Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro has insisted that the first issue of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) will be to guarantee peace, justice and truth in this South American nation.

During an interview on Saturday night with La Hojilla television program, conducted by the journalist Mario Silva on the state TV channel Venezolana de Television, Maduro reaffirmed that ‘one of the first ANC decisions will be to approve a law to establish a commission for truth, peace and reparation for victims.’

He reiterated that seeking reconciliation in Venezuela is an ANC task; hence, it will work to establish order in the country.’

The Venezuelan president said that whoever wants to appear before the commission of truth should begin taking steps for peace, ‘because it will be relentless if they intend to generate a process of violence to prevent the July 30 election.’

“We need order, justice, peace, a country that is reunited. We only have one option, and it is the National Constituent Assembly,” Maduro noted.

He explained that this constituent process, established in Article 347 of the Constitution, ‘is a super power, a great power of the nation, a great power of the people that will allow defending the independence and sovereignty of Venezuela. It is currently threatened by imperial axes, and supported by the internal opposition.’

Maduro also urged to rescue all legal acts executed by the ANC in 1999, in order to inform the Venezuelan people of the actions that will be carried out after this institution is set up.

In turn, he called to “take on today’s tasks, improve what is here and through the constituent actions, take over power, establish order and recompose the situation in Venezuela.”