At least nine dead in Peru bus crash; Chilean among 25 injured

LIMA – A double-decker tour bus flipped on its side and plunged off a cliff in Peru Sunday night, killing at least nine people and injuring 25.

At least two foreign nationals, a Canadian and a Chilean, are thought to be among the injured.

The double-decker bus, carrying about 50 passengers, including children, was driving on San Cristobal hill to give the tourists a panoramic view of the city.

Peru’s Ministry of Health said in a statement on its website that the accident happened about 2 kilometers from the presidential palace in Lima. The bus had likely been traveling at excessive speed, the ministry said.

Authorities are working to confirm the identity of the victims, but media reports say at least two children were among the dead.

Bus and other vehicle accidents in the South American country are commonplace due to its mountainous terrain.