President Bachelet urges ‘reciprocal respect’ after primaries

SANTIAGO – After the triumphs of Sebastián Piñera and Beatriz Sánchez in Chile’s primary polls, President Michelle Bachelet has asked the presidential candidates to show “height of sights and reciprocal respect”.

Pinera, Sanchez dominate primary polls in Chile

“There were primaries and we had a civic commitment, and the primary elements of Chile Vamos and Frente Amplio ran with order and responsibility that characterizes our electoral processes,” the president said during the inauguration of the meeting “All Women, All Children, All Adolescents” yesterday.

“Now the presidential race enters another stage,” she added.

“I take this opportunity to ask all candidates and candidates to stand up and respect each other,” said Bachelet, adding that “citizens want to see serious proposals and we as a government fulfill our role so that the next elections are impeccable.”