Jose Marti monument unveiled in Santiago de Chile

SANTIAGO – Jose Marti’s monument, a bronze sculpture with impressive details, is nowadays an exceptional spot in the Chilean capital, where about 1,000 people attended the official opening last week.

The frosty winter morning was unable to prevent political figures, ambassadors, students, solidarity groups and Cubans residing in Chile from attending this unforgettable moment held at Portales Park, in Yungay.

The bronze statue, sculpted by renowned Cuban sculptor Jose Ramon Villa Soberon, has some well-known Marti´s phrases written on the base.

Jose Marti mausoleum in Santigo de Cuba.

But one of these phrases is signed by Gabriela Mistral, the Chilean Nobel Prize in Literature poet and essayist.

‘The best man of our race’, wrote Lucila Godoy.

After listening to the respective national anthems, played on piano by Valentin Trujillo, the Cuban ambassador to Chile, Adolfo Curbelo, highlighted Marti´s work and life and his dreams of unity and integration of ‘Our America.’