Guatemala: More than 3,140 people affected by earthquake

GUATEMALA – At least five people have been killed in a 6.9-magnitude earthquake that struck in western Guatemala near the border with Mexico, according to Guatemalan authorities.

Nearly 1,140 people were affected by the Wednesday’s disaster.

The evaluations initiated the previous day, in accordance with the Orange Institutional Alert declared by the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conred), also report 171 victims, 16 evacuees, 19 injured, 5 deaths and 435 receiving attention.

The human losses were mostly by heart failure associated with the 6.6-degree disaster on the Richter open scale – four women – although one man died of head trauma after being struck by a collapsed structure in the midst of the telluric phenomenon.

These deaths were concentrated in Retalhuleu (two), San Marcos (two) and Colomba, Costa Cuca, Quetzaltenango (one), according to Conred reports.

Regarding the impact on infrastructure, it shows that 169 homes were found to have some light, moderate or severe damage, while three temples or churches suffered moderate damage.

The scene where the quake has greatest impact, whose epicenter was located 156.3 kilometers west-northwest of Guatemala City, was the department of San Marcos, bordering Mexico.

After the earthquake there were about thirty aftershocks, even higher than five degrees on the Richter scale.

Although for some this event was a routine, after surviving the earthquake of 1976 – 23 thousand people killed, 77,000 human beings with serious injuries and more than 3.4 million victims, about 1.2 million of them homeless -, what has happened keep most of the population trembling.