Nearly 22.5 billion CLP embezzled by Carabineros de Chile

SANTIAGO – An amount of 22.5 billion Chilean pesos was embezzled by officers of Carabineros de Chile, reveals the investigation into the worst scandal in the history of the military police.

The regional attorney general to Magallanes Region, Eugenio Campos, who is leading the investigation, reveald Thursday the figure amid the hearing at the Court of Appeals in Santiago, in which they presented the speech to request reduction of precautionary measures for five accused in this case.

They are colonels (r) Fernando Perez and Francisco Reyes, ex-official Eduardo Pardo, administrative division ex-officer Diego Valdes and civilian Boris Velenzuela, who requested reduction of their precautionary measures, but the court did not accept and they will have to remain in preventive detention.

Campos confirmed that possibly, the aforementioned amount embezzled would continue increasing, the same as the number of people involved in the case, according to the newspaper La Tercera.

He also explained that all the bank information from different agencies involved is being verified.

He added that the court in this capital ratified the decision by the Seventh Court of Guarantee in Santiago on June 5. Thus the five accused will have to remain in preventive detention.