Brazil: Troops deployed after ministerial building set on fire by protesters (VIDEOS)

BRASILIA – All government ministries in Brasilia were emptied amid huge protests on Wednesday, following a fire started by angry demonstrators inside ministry of agriculture.

Brazilian authorities estimate around 35,000 are marching in the capital because they’re fed up with corruption at the top of Brazil’s government, and want President Michael Temer to step down.

Troops are being deployed to defend government buildings and there is a heavy police presence on the streets.

There have been clashes between police and demonstrators and local media report one person has been injured and several have been detained.

Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at some demonstrators, and video footage showed other members of the crowd smashing windows or setting makeshift barriers afire.

Protesters are demanding the resignation of President Michel Temer, fresh elections, and for economic reform plans to be withdrawn.

Mr. Temer has faced new corruption allegations in the last week, and is facing growing pressure to step down.

Temer took over from Dilma Rousseff last year after she was impeached over corruption allegations, but, as of last Thursday, is himself now being investigated for alleged corruption. The man who would replace him if he were to step down, Rodrigo Maia, is also being investigated for graft.

Last week, testimony released by the country’s supreme court alleged that Mr. Temer had taken millions of dollars in bribes since 2010. The plea-bargain testimony came from bosses of a giant meat-packing firm.

In response, Mr. Temer vowed to prove his innocence and remain as president while so doing.

On Saturday, he filed a petition to have the investigation suspended, but reversed that decision on Tuesday.