Chile’s lemon season delayed by three weeks

SANTIAGO – The 2017 Chilean Lemon Export Season began in week 18 – three weeks later than last season – with the shipment of 5,760 boxes of Genova lemons to the western coast of the United States, according to information provided to SiMFRUIT by the ASOEX Citrus Committee.

In week 19, the volume increased to 19,152 boxes (330 tons), 59% of which was sent to the United States (84% of this volume to the West Coast and 16% to the East Coast), while the remaining 41% was sent to Japan.

According to the Committee, the lemons harvested so far have a good quality, color, and juice content. On average, their sizes are bigger than the sizes obtained last season. The fruits are expected to have a size that ranges between 115s and 165s, and most of them are around 140s.

So far, the Chilean lemon industry has exported a total of 52,200 boxes of lemons (899 tons), i.e. 37% less than at the same time last season.