Chile, Argentina interested in Peru’s Roasted Pork

LIMA – Chilean and Argentinean entrepreneurs have expressed great interest in including Huaral-styled Roasted Pork in their food festivals.

“We have received invitations from Chile and Argentina,” Huaral’s Hotels, Restaurants and Related Establishments Association (AHORA-Huaral) Chairwoman Rosa Elena Balcazar said in this sense.

“We hope it [this initiative] becomes official,” she added.

Likewise, Balcazar underlined Roasted Pork became the best-selling dish at Mucho Gusto 2017 gastronomic fair held in southern Tacna region on April 29-May 1. Over 4,000 pork-dishes were sold on the occasion.

According to the AHORA officer, Chileans accounted for 70% of foodies who enjoyed Roasted Pork at the site.

“That means our Huaral-based gastronomy is making progress,” she pointed out.