Chile Rejects US Special Report on Trade

Santiago, Chile — The Foreign Affairs Directorate (Direcon) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile has rejected the contents of the United States Special Report 301 related to trade.

In an official communiqué, Direcon underlines that the Special Report corresponds to an instrument that is unilaterally made by the United States and reflects the opinions of the industry of that country ‘on the basis of empirical evidence and not on an objective analysis.’

This instrument is outside the mechanism of dialogue contained in the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed between both countries, which should be used to channel all aspects of trade relations, it emphasizes.

Direcon also considers the report does not contribute to the cooperative dialogue between countries that have proven to be successful partners in different areas of economic, commercial, political and social relations.

The department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile recalls that with 13 years of FTA, the ties between the two countries have been successful, reflected for example in trade.

Trade turnover has increased at an average annual rate of 8%, reaching $18.6613 million USD in 2016, the source said.